Python Standard Library

These are patches against Python Standard Library for use with IronPython. Currently the library is from CPython 2.4.4.

This patch removes the use of PyCF_DONT_IMPLY_DEDENT compiler flag in codeop because it's not yet implemented on IronPython.
This patch disables IDN(Internationalized Domain Name) support in httplib because it's not yet implemented on IronPython.
This patch lets inspect.getargspec() to avoid accessing Python bytecode when anonymous tuple arguments are not present.
This patch prevents sys._getframe() from being called in logging because it's not implemented on IronPython.
This patch fixes an issue that tarfile module depends on undocumented behaviour, treating an argument to int() as null-terminated string.
This patch provides a workaround for IronPython import bug that prevents import of xml.sax.handler module.